Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Four Brothers in a Halfshell Pencils

Inspired by my childhood. I always loved the turtles however I have been noticing a trend in the turtles as of late. It seems that in every piece of art depicting them they are all badass aggressive butt kickers. Now, they might have been very serious and hardcore in the original comic by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird but what we as fans consider canon of the TMNT is the 1980's cartoon show. In this show they had so much personality and character it was fantastic. Now the TMNT movie[1990] definately brought out the best of each character's personality. And this is where my illustration comes into play. I tried to embody the main ideas of their personalities in a single pose for each character. From back to front:

Raphael went from a wisecracking "rude dude" to an aggressive hot head with a serious attitude and a problem with authorities [and guys guys in hockey masks]. Clearly my favorite turtle.

Leonardo certaintly was always the leader but he always came off the me as the serious turtles. He took his ninjitsu very seriously and played by the rules all the time.

Donetelo was always the thinker and tinkerer. Now in the movies not so much a builder of robotic stuff but he was good with contemporary tech and definately pondered many things in his turtlage.

Michelangelo was always the big kid. He did what he had to but always really wanted just to hang out and have fun. As seen here with a Gameboy [I doubt anyone would drop a DS into the sewer].

Who could have thought I could say so much about the Ninja Turtles. Go fig!


lewie smith said...

Who goes back to front? It's always front to back.
Anyway. WTG, looks amazing my friend!

Ryan Jampole said...

I think we've made it quite clear over the years that I march to the beat of a different drummer! HAH! Thanks dude!

Irvin said...

Jampole, I heard great things about your rock and roll portraits and the perception vs. reality pieces for DiFates class, post them dude, I wanna see mang. TNMT drawing looks great BTW, keep it up.