Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Transform and get the FUCK OUT!

Oh Prime--you are amazing. This is totally how Prime would handle his female troubles.....yeah....

I have always been a fan of transformers and of Mr. Prime. I keep it no secret how much I dislike the big screen sequel Revenge of The Fallen. Its a big clusterfuck of plot holes and insane camera angles. The dialogue was so bad and it just blew my mind how some people were laughing in the theater. My friend told me that the movie was great because of the special effects but seriously this is why movies today suck ass! Essentially this means that a shitty story that doesn't make any sense with absolutely no continuity to its prequels is a great movie so long as the CG is good. WTF?! I'm sorry--but this movie was 100 miles long but only 2 feet deep. Pretty visuals shouldn't trump the story..

Lets fill every god damn scene with 40 explosions and a bogus 1 liner!

This piece is not to be taken too seriously, just having some fun!

10x15 on illustration board with photoshop overlay

Optimus and Arcee = HASBRO

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